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The modern traveler is demanding more and more from their traveling experience. After a day of meetings or sight-seeing, it is no longer enough to provide just a room as a place for them to lay their head. The hotel must be an antidote to stress and exhaustion, an escape where the guest can relax and rejuvenate in an environment that is consistent with their values.

AlMulla Hospitality has created such a haven. Designed to attract the upscale, conscious lifestyle traveler, these hotel integrate local cultures, ways of life and Shariah-compliant principles into the needs of a modern, health conscious and highly demanding guest. Our mission is sustainable quality and satisfaction – to delight the first time a guest visits us, and then every time after that.

It goes without saying that personalized service and close interaction with every guest are cornerstones to the success of this concept. Exceptional customer relationships are developed and maintained through honesty, trust and integrity. After all, it is only though a deep understanding of our guests that we can ensure a stay that not only their heads remembers but their souls as well.

To further the concept of conscious living, all our restaurants, coffee shops, lounges, in fact any place we serve food and beverages, are targeted towards healthy eating. And our spa, while offering the best in international products and services, will also include local treatments. This will familiarize guests with the local culture and flavor of the country the hotel is based in. Of course, it’s the little touches that make a big difference. We give our guests a choice if what flowers, incense and music they want in their rooms. Personnel from the spa will give treatments in the rooms and all of the guests’ preferences will be stored in a database so that they can have the same treatment when they return. And for those who like to relax by socializing, mocktail lounges and organic coffee shops will provide the perfect stress-free environment.

Cliftonwood Hotels & Resorts

Distinctive, Luxurious & Exclusive. Although these words certainly do describe these signature hotels and resorts, they don’t begin to capture the experience of walking into an environment, the sole focus of which is calm and tranquility. Cliftonwood Hotels and Resorts is a lifestyle hotel for business travelers and families alike that embraces culture but combines it with the best the modern world can provide.

For those who want to escape the world for just a little while, there’s no shortage of options. Indulge yourself at the spa or have the spa brought to your room, choose your own personalized perfume or escape to our restaurant and enjoy a multitude of international cuisines and entertainment.

For those who prefer to be always connected to the world, all rooms have Wi-Fi access, direct-dialing and facsimile options. Even the bathrooms will be fitted with loudspeakers and telephones.

All these features and more are underpinned by distinctive customer relationships based on honesty and a desire to constantly work and evolve towards perfection.

Cliftonwood Park Hotels

Cliftoonwood Park Hotels are destined to become the hub for all business people traveling away from home. After all, what better way to unwind after a stress-filled day of work and meetings than to step into a foyer of luxurious marbled floors, heavy wood and rich polished atmosphere?

But style and a stress-free environment are just the start. Late automatic check-in, ample facilities to accommodate informal business meetings, restaurants that cater to the cosmopolitan palette and a New-York style deli for those “on the run” lunches are just some of the services that make this chain of hotels particularly business-friendly.

Convention and executive meeting rooms will add to the serious business traveler’s seamless and enjoyable experience. As will our business centre with secretarial courier and video-conferencing facilities. And when our guests are tired of working they can work-out in our gym or relax at the Mocktail bar.

At Cliftoonwood Park Hotels, our mission is to provide the environment, services and personal care that allow business travelers to remain focused, stay connected and de-stress.

Cliftonwood Tree Hotels

Just because you’re traveling on a budget, doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve the best we have to offer. This is the philosophy behind Cliftonwood Tree Hotels. It is for the smart traveler – business people or families traveling on holiday who are budget smart but are not willing to compromise on quality.

The fundamental principles of hospitality apply – personal relationships, providing a haven to replenish your soul and quality services. Stylish but uncomplicated, Cliftonwood Tree Hotels will provide the perfect place for a guest to relax and recover after a hard day of traveling. There will be no question that generosity and quality are part of the credo

When a guest walks into Cliftonwood Tree Hotels they will be embraced by an informal, warm atmosphere. With every staff member being charged with one responsibility – to enhance that guest’s stay with an experience that is both memorable and unexpected.

Cliftonwood Tree Hotels will cater to the needs of the business traveler who seeks affordability without compromising on quality. Express offers limited services, but limitless appeal. After all, it still has the chain’s trademark warm and relaxed environment, combined with affordable, functional services.